Strittmatter Metro is a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) and offers excavation, demolition and equipment rentals for government, commercial and residential construction projects. As a CBE, we have a lot invested in DC and you can feel good about hiring us. Strittmatter Metro can assist you with rentals, contracting, demolition and materials disposal; no job is too small or too large.  We want to be your first choice for all your site work needs.


Strittmatter Metro has a staff of ten with over 30 years of site-work experience and a fleet of equipment. We’re fully insured and we have a stellar safety record. Strittmatter Metro works with some of the largest and best-known names in the industry such as Coakley & Williams and HITT Contracting, Inc. We are timely, responsive and customer-oriented.


Strittmatter Metro is a family-owned Certified Business Enterprise. First and second generations responsible for its operations have set forth the pride and dedication that comes with having the family name on its trucks. Communication is a top priority, for both the management team and the crews in the field. We built our reputation on reliability, flexibility and follow-through.


Strittmatter Metro was started in April 2009 and we received our CBE in July of 2010.  We’ve been steadily building our business with government, commercial and residential projects. We are proud of our stellar safety record. A full-time Safety Manager is in charge of OSHA compliance, as well DDOT regulations.



Client Portfolio

• Clark Builders Group


• Blue Skye Construction

• Hess Construction and Engineering Services

• Coakley & Williams

• Forrester Construction

• Dakota Crossing, LLC

• Balfour Beatty Construction

• Fort Lincoln Gateway Village

• James G. Davis Corp.

• Mill Creek Residential
Trust, LLC

• Clark/Smoot Construction


Featured Projects

• American University

• City Center

• NoMa West


Strittmatter Metro is your one-stop source for residential, commercial and government construction projects in the District of Columbia.  We can provide Equipment Rentals, Contracting and Demolition. We have the experience and expertise to assist you and no job is too small or too large. If your project is for a few days or a few years, call Strittmatter Metro.



Moving dirt takes more than a bulldozer.  Strittmatter Metro has the right people and equipment for site preparation, excavation and clearing.  We bring a level of professionalism to the industry, that’s why we’re known as the best in the business.



The Strittmatter Metro fleet is all over DC! Almost anywhere you go, you’ll see our unmistakable logo. Our equipment is first-rate, either new or “like new” and we keep it professionally maintained.  We can assist you not only with the equipment, but also with trained and skilled operators. Strittmater Metro can supply bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks and excavators.  Flusher trucks, sweeper trucks and lowboys are also available.  Plus, we have a full-time staff dedicated to assist you in every way.



Strittmatter Metro provides removal, recycling and disposal services for your site work. With 6 loaders/haulers, we can transport dirt to another site or take it to a landfill.



At Strittmatter Metro, we are always looking to add highly-motivated and skilled people to our workforce. We offer a family-oriented environment, competitive salary and good benefits. There are many opportunities for advancement. Strittmatter Metro is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


We have opportunities for administrative assistants, foreman, estimators, truck drivers, and many more.



Strittmatter Metro takes pride in customer satisfaction. Our staff will strive to be responsive to any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact Strittmatter Metro either via phone or the online form to the right. Thank You.


Strittmatter Metro, LLC

5630 Connecticut Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20015

Phone - 202-269-3200

Fax - 202-269-3300


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