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Strittmatter Metro is a family-owned company that was started in April 2009. We received our CBE in July of 2010. We specialize in excavation, demolition, and equipment rentals for government, commercial, and residential projects. Through the years we have built our business and our reputation on quality service and performance on our projects.

Communication is a top priority, for both the management team and the crews in the field. We pride ourselves on the reputation we uphold through responsibility, precision, and excellent service in all spectrums of our work. As a team we have developed an effective and economical work ethic ensuring the best results for our clients.

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  • WCS Construction LLC

  • Clark Builders Group

  • Plaza Construction

  • Hess Construction

  • Donohoe Construction

  • HITT Construction

  • Harvey Cleary

  • Grunley Construction

  • Balfour Beatty

  • Clark Construction Group LLC

  • James Davis Construction

  • DAVIS Construction

  • SKANSA USA Building

  • L.F. Jennings

  • Clark Construction Group

  • Whiting-Turner

  • Coakley & Williams

  • Gilbane Building Company

  • NorthStar Construction

  • Hoar Construction

  • MCN Build

  • GCS-Signal

  • McCullough Construction

  • Smoot Construction

  • Sycamore Associates

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  • City Center

  • St. Elizabeth’s Men’s Shelter

  • St. Elizabeth’s Parking Garage

  • St. Elizabeth’s Townhomes

  • Medstar Georgetown Hospital

  • City Ridge 3900 Wisconsin Ave.

  • The Wharf – Phases I & II

  • 2100 Pennsylvania Ave. ,NW

  • Southwest Library

  • Banneker High School

  • Shepherd Recreation Center

  • WMATA Parking Garage

  • Art Place

  • Museum Place

  • Sursum Corda

  • The Town Center at the Parks

  • 300 M Street

  • Riggs Park Place

  • Anne Goding Project

  • KIPP Ferebee Hope School

  • Waterfront Station 2

  • Hill East Building F

  • MLK

  • DC Bilingual Public Charter School

  • Skyland B-2

  • Mt. Vernon Substation

  • Reunion Square

  • Learn DC

  • USC Parking Lot

  • 900 New York Ave. Project

  • The Flats at Atlas

  • City Center

  • Audi Field

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