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Strittmatter Metro is your one-stop source for residential, commercial, and governmental construction projects in the District of Columbia. We can provide excavation services, equipment rentals, and demolition. With our experience and expertise we are ready to help you with any project no matter the size or the time frame. We are known to be the best in the business due to the professionalism and the dedication we bring to the industry.

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Moving dirt takes more than a bulldozer. Strittmatter Metro has the right people and equipment for site preparation, excavation, and clearing.


Strittmatter Metro provides removal, recycling, and disposal services for your site work. We can easily transport dirt to another site or to a landfill. Call us for all of your material needs.

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The Strittmatter Metro fleet is all over DC. Almost anywhere you go, you will see our unmistakable logo. Our equipment is first-rate, either new or “like new” and we keep it professionally maintained. We can assist you not only with equipment but also with trained and skilled operators. Strittmatter Metro can supply dozers, loaders, dump trucks, and excavators. Flusher trucks, sweeper trucks, and lowboys are also available. Plus, we have a full -time staff dedicated to assist you in every way.

Stone Shooter

In 2015 we acquired a shooter and have trained and experienced operators who run the machine. Our shooter has been used on over ten jobsites in the last year. It has been used for backfill, mulch placing, stone placement, topsoil spreading, and has worked with our screener. The shooter can shoot stone up to ¾ in., dirt, mulch, sand, and topsoil.

Each shooting price varies greatly. For the most accurate pricing, contact us directly for a quote. A site visit is always required.

Roll Off
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In the Spring of 2020, we acquired a fleet of 20 and 30 cubic yard roll off containers. Our trained and experienced drivers provide fast and efficient service. Our services include hauling Construction Debris, Asphalt, Concrete/Masonry and Clearing Debris.
Contact Sean Strittmatter to discuss rates and schedule your deliveries.
Ph: (202) 961-9170

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